Jeremy Peyton Jones

"ethereally beautiful...........rhythmic delirium guaranteed" TIME OUT

Regular Music II Performers and Collaborators
Rebecca Askew - voice
Tim Brady - electric guitar

Lindsay Benson - voice
Emma Bernard - director

Steve Buckley - saxophones
Jane Chapman - harpsichord
Calina De La Mare - violin
Yeu-Meng Chan - piano
Philip Curtis - voice
Alison Dods - violin
John Eacott - trumpet
Ruth Elder - violin
Mick Foster - saxophones
David Gale - writer
Jono Harrison - keys
Sophie Harris - cello
Charles Hayward - drums
Mike Henry - voice
Glyn Hill - saxophones/clarinets
Tom Jackson -  sax/clar
Jonathan Peter Kenny - voice
David Knight - voice
Steven Large - keys/accordion
Simon Limbrick - percussion
Steve Littman - video artist
Kaffe Matthews - electronics
Bruce Nockles - trumpet
Kelly McCusker - violin/voice
Helen Ottaway - piano/keys
Melanie Pappenheim - voice

Jonathan Parry - piano/keys
Jeremy Peyton Jones - baton
Mary Phillips - voice
Jocelyn Pook - viola
Brenda Rattray - voice
Simone Rebello - percussion
Sonia Slany - violin
Ashley Slater - trombone/voice
Steve Smith - electric guitar
Sara Stowe - voice
Bron Szerszynki - electric guitar
Benedict Taylor - vionl
Annie Tremblay - voice
Ruth Wall - piano/keyboards
Hilary Westlake - director
Bruce White - viola

Peter Whyman - saxophones

Regular Music II was the music ensemble and production company of the composer and musical director Jeremy Peyton Jones. It was formed in 1991 as a new incarnation of the ensemble Regular Music, early instigators of the UK post-systems movement whose work straddles the spheres of rock, minimalism and post-punk.

The band had recorded two albums and contributed to several others, performed in UK and Europe at major festivals and venues, collaborated with theatre companies and recorded a featured broadcast for BBC Radio 3's Hear and Now series. their second album, North South East West, released on Robi Droli’s Newtone label (Nt 6748 2) was voted "Best Modern Composition CD" by The Wire in their round-up of the year 1996. Their work is regularly broadcast on adventurous new music programmes around the world.

Regular Music II