Jeremy Peyton Jones

Regular Music performers

Charles Hayward - drums

Sarah Homer - saxophones

Maria Lamburn - viola

Helen Ottaway - keyboards
Melanie Pappenheim - voice
Jonathan Parry - piano/keyboards
Jeremy Peyton Jones - baton
Ashley Slater – trombone

Bron Szerszynski - el guitar

"...a new recognition of what theatre can be........a theatrical triumph........the arrangement of music, text, choreography, visual elements and performance in a juxtaposition that transcends literal sense and takes on a new subjective meaning.”    Ken Rea, New Statesman

“This extraordinary agitational spectacle, devised and directed by Hilary Westlake, takes one on a promenade through the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, in gathering darkness both to evoke the sights and sounds of the world’s rainforests and to lament their destruction. The result is something rare; a show that manages to be popular, political and avant-garde all at the same time. “  Michael Billington, The Guardian

by Lumiere & Son Theatre Co

Devised and directed by Hilary Westlake, with Wnedy Houston and Trevor Stuart
Text by David Gale
Lighting & technical direction by Simon Corder
Costumes by Katy McPhee
Live music by Jeremy Peyton Jones
Soundscore by Graeme Miller
Sound design by Tom Newman

Deadwood was commissioned by Waterman's Arts Centre and performed by over a hundred performers in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. The perambulatory show, about the destruction of the rainforest, played for four evenings to audiences of 2000

Deadwood was recreated for the Singapore Arts Festival under the title The Fragile Forest.