Jeremy Peyton Jones

"As layers of quasi-tonal figures build into big textures and impressive contrapuntal madness, only to subside into peaceful droning, the power and grace of the electric guitar becomes evident. This is the instrument like you’ve never heard it. Big and bold? Yes! But also expressive and nuanced."  SPLENDID E-Zine

"..the pleasure of almost watching the clustering harmonics drift back down to earth, like a sonic meteor shower, was immense"  Louise Gray, The Wire

A Regular Music II production

18 Guitars is a work for multiple electric guitars by Jeremy Peyton Jones. Originally commissioned by the Nottingham Guitar Festival it has since received several performances around the world in a version for solo guitar and multi-track recording by the Canadian guitarist Tim Brady.

On 19 May 2009 at Kings Place London 18 Guitars was performed for the first time with all parts played live by a specially created ensemble featuring Tim Brady along with some of the best guitarists working in the UK today including the London Sinfonietta’s Steve Smith, and jazz guitarists Joel Bell, Arthur Dick and Dave Preston. The ensemble also performed the rarely heard minimalist classic Domino Figures for 10-100 guitars by American composer Wayne Siegel.

Electric guitars

Billy Adamson, Joel Bell, Kristian Borring, Tim Brady, Simon Cliff, Arthur Dick, Alex Foster, Jamie Horowitz, John Hudson, Ben McDonnell, Dave Preston, Ed Riches, Richard Rozze, Johannes Riepler, Steve Smith, Phil Stevenson

Bass guitars

Dan Harle, Vicky Tilson

Directed by Jeremy Peyton Jones

18 Guitars