Jeremy Peyton Jones

A Regualr Music II production

Commissioned by Tim Brady

Regular Music II collaborated with Canadian guitarist Tim Brady in a tour of new and recent works by Tim Brady and Jeremy Peyton Jones for electric guitar, amplified ensemble and voice. Following their successful collaboration on Peyton Jones’ ’18 Guitars’ for the 1997 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Peyton Jones and Brady continued to explore their innovative collaboration by creating this full-scale ensemble event. 

The programme featured two major electric guitar works by Peyton Jones – ‘Concerto for Electric Guitar and Amplified Ensemble’ and ’18 Guitars’. It also included Brady’s ‘Revolutionary Songs’, considered to be one of his most important vocal pieces, the UK premiere of ‘Linear Projection in a Jump Cut World’ from his new CD, ‘Strange Attractors’, plus other works for voice and ensemble by Peyton Jones. These included a new arrangement of ‘Idyllic Rhythms’ and, at the London concert only settings of Pablo Neruda and James Joyce for singers Melanie Pappenheim and Annie Tremblay.

UK Showcase tour 1999

26 November  University Hall, Bath                         
27 November  Djanogly Concert Hall, Nottingham
1 December    Cabot Hall, Canary Wharf, London

Tim Brady - electric guitar/live electronics
Alison Dods – violin
Chris Ekers - sound
Sophie Harris - cello
Charles Hayward - drums
Melanie Pappenheim - voice (mezzo)
Jonathan Parry - piano/keyboards
Jeremy Peyton Jones - baton
Simone Rebello – percussion
Ashley Slater – trombone
Paul Stevens - saxophones
Annie Tremblay – voice (soprano/mezzo)
Ruth Wall - piano/keyboards
Bruce White - viola
Peter Whyman - saxophones

Concerto for Electric Guitar and Amplified Ensemble