Music by Jeremy Peyton Jones with electronics by Kaffe Matthews

with Regular Music II

Rebecca Askew (voice)

Yeu-Meng Chan (piano/keyboards),

Ruth Elder (violin)

Mick Foster (saxes)

Jono Harrison (keyboards)

Charles Hayward (drums/percussion)

Tom Jackson (saxes/clar),

Kaffe Matthews (live electronics)

Melanie Pappenheim (voice),

Jeremy Peyton Jones (director)

Steve Smith (electric guitar)

Ashley Slater (trombone),

Benedict Taylor (viola)

Sound Rick Campion

Endingsin collaboration with Kaffe Matthews

Jeremy Peyton Jones

Endings is a collaboration bringing together Regular Music’s vibrantly theatrical live sound with the noisy rhythms and abstract cyber landscapes of Kaffe Matthews’ music.

The focus of the collaboration is a series of vocal settings of the final paragraphs of works of modernist literature including James Joyce’s Ulysses, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and Don De Lillo’s White Noise, an extract from Pablo Neruda’s epic poem Alturas de Macchu Picchu and other vocal settings from recent music theatre productions including Against Oblivion concerning loss, destruction and decay using the words of writer David Gale. The programme also features the large scale work And the days are long for electric guitar, live electronics and amplified ensemble.

The works combine a haunting lyricism with a pounding rhythmic intensity. Alongside the subjects of loss, death, decay and yearning there are evocations of epic landscape both exterior (Kerouac) and interior (Neruda),  a sense of soullessness (De Lillo), and a lust for life (Joyce). In live performance Mathews’ electronic soundscapes interact with the acoustic instruments and are disseminated across the performance space.